Francisco Luquero, MD, PhD

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Associate Scientist | Médecins Sans Frontières and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Francisco Luquero, MD, PhD has an MD, PhD in infectious disease epidemiology, with a Master’s degree and residency in public health. Along with colleagues at the Epicenter (the research branch of Médecins Sans Frontières) and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, where he serves as a Visiting Associate Scientist, he has led pioneering work in Africa in the evaluation of the feasibility, acceptability and vaccine effectiveness of oral cholera vaccines. The field studies conducted in Africa proved that reactive vaccination is a strategy to be considered in response to epidemics. Other cholera vaccine studies that he is working on include a study to estimate the impact of a single dose of oral cholera vaccines, the dosing intervals for oral cholera vaccines, and flexible delivery strategies. In consultation with Epicentre/MSF, UNICEF and the WHO, Dr. Luquero has performed field evaluations of the cholera outbreak response in several countries, including Zambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and South Sudan in the aim of improving surveillance and case detection, case management, WASH interventions and integration of oral cholera vaccines into the outbreak response. In addition, he is a member of the Surveillance and OCV Working Groups of the WHO Global Task Force for Cholera Control and the SAGE working group on oral cholera vaccines.