External websites on cholera

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WHO: Cholera

The WHO website on cholera is an important source of information on the global cholera situation. The website provides regularly updated outbreak information, outbreak archives, country-level cholera data, and annual cholera reports, among other resources.

WHO: Oral Cholera Vaccines

The World Health Organization has produced a comprehensive website on oral cholera vaccines. This website summarizes the WHO recommendation for the use of oral cholera vaccines. It also houses a number of essential documents published by the WHO regarding OCVs, including the a position paper, key recommendation documents, and a strategic framework for a vaccine stockpile.

WHO: Oral Cholera Vaccine Stockpile

The WHO has recently made available a stockpile of 2 million doses of OCV to be accessed by requesting country programs. This WHO website provides information on the OCV stockpile and guidance on how to access the stockpile, including the International Coordinating Group's (ICG) vaccine request form, monitoring and evaluation indicators, and an addendum to vaccination campaign guidance.

WHO Dashboard: International Coordinating Group (ICG) on Vaccine Provision on cholera

The WHO Dashboard displays annual requests for oral cholera vaccine submitted to the International Coordinating Group (ICG). 

WHO: Global Task Force on Cholera Control

The WHO Global Task Force on Cholera Control supports activities to build the evidence base for the use of OCVs, in addition to improved cholera surveillance, supporting country preparedness, and improving access to safe water by vulnerable populations. The Task Force for Global Health maintains a complementary website. Sign up for the GTFCC newsletter and view past issues

PLoS Cholera Channel

The PLoS Cholera Channel features articles on applied and basic research related to the global fight against cholera.

West and Central Africa Humanitarian Response: cholera search

The Cholera Library of the Humanitarian Response West and Central Africa website publishes weekly reports of cholera incidence and deaths collected from ministries of health and compiled by the West and Central Africa Office of UNICEF. It is an essential source for up-to-date data on cholera in West and Central Africa. This website is in French, with documents available in both English and French.

TFGH: Optimizing Cholera Prevention and Control

The Coalition for Cholera Prevention and Control (CCPC) has mobilized partners to develop a comprehensive and integrated cholera strategy, which is available on the CCPC website. The CCPC continues to work in advocacy and resource mobilization for cholera control and is hosted by the Task Force for Global Health.

CDC: Cholera infection

The CDC cholera website contains comprehensive information and essential resources on cholera, including: latest cholera outbreak updates, information on cholera diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and control; publications, data, and statistics; training resources; and health promotion materials.


The African Cholera Surveillance Network website contains country-specific information and news on cholera and cholera surveillance. Africhol is a consortium that supports cholera surveillance in several African countries and promotes sustainability. The website also includes a series of key papers on cholera in Africa, project updates, and publications.

Cholera Platform of Western and Central Africa

The Cholera Platform of Western and Central Africa contains information regarding recent cholera outbreaks in the region.

UNOCHA: cholera search

This link searches the UNOCHA website for cholera-specific items, such as news, situation reports, or videos, in current humanitarian preparation and coordination efforts.

CORE Group: Cholera

CORE Group has developed an emergency preparedness module to improve readiness for and response of communities in countries at risk of a cholera epidemic. The module consists of four lesson plans with accompanying flipcharts, intended to be delivered through community health workers.

UNICEF Cholera

The UNICEF cholera website is an informative overview of cholera and houses several key resources about cholera, WASH and guidance on oral cholera vaccine. UNICEF has also created a comprehensive Cholera Toolkit in English and French, which is a must-read for cholera program planners and implementers.