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The VICE Calculator is a user-friendly excel-based tool that estimates the cost-effectiveness of oral cholera vaccination in various settings and under various implementation strategies, including mass and targeted vaccination campaigns. The calculator compares the Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) against the costs and health outcomes of cholera vaccination campaigns and is a useful planning tool. The user can enter parameters specific to their context and view the resulting cost-effectiveness output. Please also see the accompanying Introduction Fact Sheet to guide you in using VICE. 

Click on the link to download the Excel spreadsheet and use the calculator. Please send feedback on the calculator to Christopher Troeger (ctroeger@fhcrc.org).

Last updated: 06-May-2015

This manual is meant to be used by immunization program managers to develop training sessions in preparation for carrying out oral cholera vaccine (OCV) campaigns. It is also intended to serve as a reference guide for health care workers conducting the campaigns and administering the vaccine. The manual should enable program managers to prepare quality training sessions and their own training materials in a relatively short period of time.