COTS Health Promotion Worker Pocket Cards

The Cholera Outbreak Training and Shigella (COTS) Program provides a training course for managing cholera and shigella outbreaks. Health promotion workers will find these Pocket Cards a useful quick reference tool when working in the field.


Online Training: Introduction to Oral Cholera Vaccine

This is an easy-to-follow introductory lecture and slide show about the history and current status of the oral vaccine for cholera. Given by Dr. David Sack, a long-time expert in cholera, this lecture covers the latest developments in deciding when, where and how to use oral cholera vaccine to prevent cholera deaths.

UNICEF Cholera Toolkit

Multiple resources are compiled and consolidated in this UNICEF Cholera Toolkit, to make them easily accessible and widely available for use by UNICEF and partners globally.The toolkit includes a chapter on cholera prevention which contains several resources specific to the use of OCVs.

The Coalition for Cholera Prevention and Control (CCPC)s Comprehensive Integrated Strategy for Cholera Prevention and Control

Authored by The Coalition for Cholera Prevention and Control (CCPC), this Strategic Framework summarizes existing recommendations and guidelines for preventing and controlling cholera, identifies outdated recommendations and gaps, and recommends new guidelines as suggested by existing research (or identifying areas for further research).