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    Posted on: December 11, 2017 - Policy and guidance documents

    Ending Cholera: A Global Roadmap to 2030

    Ending Cholera: A Global Roadmap to 2030. ABSTRACT In October 2017, 35 GTFCC partners endorsed a call to action on ending cholera, an unprecedented engagement to fight cholera through implementation of "Ending Cholera – A Global Roadmap to 2030." ...

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    Posted on: March 31, 2017 - Policy and guidance documents

    Background Paper on Whole-Cell, Killed Oral Cholera Vaccines

    Background paper prepared by the SAGE Working Group on Oral Cholera Vaccines, the World Health Organization (WHO) Secretariat, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ABSTRACT This background document presents updated information on whole-cell ...

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    Posted on: January 13, 2017 - Policy and guidance documents

    Technical Note Evidence of the risks and benefits of vaccinating pregnant women with WHO pre-qualified cholera vaccines during mass campaigns

    Technical note published by WHO in 2016 ABSTRACT Two oral cholera vaccines (OCVs) are currently pre-qualified by WHO: Dukoral® and Shanchol™. Both are oral killed whole-cell (WC) vaccines that provide sustained protection of > 50% for at least two ...

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    Posted on: November 4, 2016 - Journal articles

    Achievements and challenges for the use of killed oral cholera vaccines in the global stockpile era

    Article published in Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics on 21-February-2017 by Desai, Sachin N. et al.  ABSTRACT Cholera remains an important but neglected public health threat, affecting the health of the poorest populations and imposing substantial ...

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    Posted on: July 8, 2014 -

    Where do we stand on eliminating cholera from the globe?

    Cholera is one of the most feared diseases and many people die of the disease each year. The disease was first noted by British troops near Jessore, India in 1817. By 1832, it had spread across ...

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    Posted on: May 7, 2014 -

    Asian experts advocate for use of cholera vaccines

    Following a meeting of health experts from Asia, members from eight countries in South and Southeast Asia released an advocacy document highlighting the need for an integrated program for cholera ...

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    Posted on: October 23, 2013 - Journal articles

    Strategy, Demand, Management, and Costs of an International Cholera Vaccine Stockpile

    Article published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases on 23-Oct-2013 by Maskery, B. et al. ABSTRACT: In this article, we review the feasibility of mass vaccination against cholera and estimate the global population at risk for epidemic cholera. We then ...

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    Posted on: June 1, 2011 - Journal articles

    Oral vaccines against cholera

    Article published in Clinical Infectious Diseases on 1-Jun-2011 by Shin, S. et al. ABSTRACT: The current seventh pandemic of cholera, caused by serogroup O1, El Tor biotype, has now involved almost the entire developing world. The ongoing dynamic ...

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    Posted on: May 24, 2011 - Policy and guidance documents

    The 64th World Health Assembly Resolution for Renewed Efforts to Prevent and Control Cholera (May 2011)

    "Cholera: Mechanism for Control and Prevention (Agenda Item 13.9 of the 64th World Health Assembly WHA64.15, May 2011)." This document is the recommendation of the World Health Assembly of 24-May-2011 on methods for cholera prevention and ...