The Coalition for Cholera Prevention and Control (CCPC)s Comprehensive Integrated Strategy for Cholera Prevention and Control

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Authored by The Coalition for Cholera Prevention and Control (CCPC), this Strategic Framework summarizes existing recommendations and guidelines for preventing and controlling cholera, identifies outdated recommendations and gaps, and recommends new guidelines as suggested by existing research (or identifying areas for further research). It is useful for identifying the key issues around cholera for policy makers, and provides links to the detailed documents that policy implementers would use. The Strategic Framework is intended for a variety of audiences: policy makers, policy implementers, donors, clinicians, researchers, and others. It is a key resource for anyone working in cholera control.

The document consolidates guidelines on the following aspects of cholera prevention and control:

  • Development of National Plans for Cholera Prevention and Control
  • Surveillance and Disease Detection
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Cholera
  • Drinking Water Interventions
  • Sanitation Interventions
  • Hygiene Interventions
  • Use of Oral Cholera Vaccine
  • Information, Education, and Communication, and Community Healthworker Training
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Operational Research
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of all Interventions


The framework was produced by the Coalition for Cholera Prevention and Control.