Technical Note Evidence of the risks and benefits of vaccinating pregnant women with WHO pre-qualified cholera vaccines during mass campaigns

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Technical note published by WHO in 2016


Two oral cholera vaccines (OCVs) are currently pre-qualified by WHO: Dukoral® and Shanchol™. Both are oral killed whole-cell (WC) vaccines that provide sustained protection of > 50% for at least two years in endemic populations, induce an immune response relatively quickly (7-10 days after the 2nd dose) and have a good safety profile. Shanchol™has demonstrated longer term protection – 65% over five years–as compared to Dukoral®. On the  other  hand,  Dukoral®  has been shown  to  provide better short-term  protection against cholera, particularly among children 2-5  years old and also confers significant short-term protection against ETEC (≈50% for three months). Both vaccines have a two-dose regimen between one and six weeks apart (three doses for Dukoral® in children aged 2–5 years).