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    Posted on: October 9, 2013 - Journal articles

    Use of Oral Cholera Vaccine in Haiti: A Rural Demonstration Project

    Article published in The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene on 9-Oct-2013 by Ivers, L. al. ABSTRACT: A cholera epidemic has claimed the lives of more than 8,000 Haitians and sickened 650,000 since the outbreak began in October 2010. ...

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    Posted on: September 10, 2013 - Journal articles

    Feasibility of mass vaccination campaign with oral cholera vaccines in response to an outbreak in Guinea

    Article published in PLoS Medicine on 10-Sep-2013 by Ciglenecki, I. et al. Iza Ciglenecki and colleagues from Medecins sans Frontieres report their experience of undertaking a mass vaccination campaign with oral cholera vaccines in response to an outbreak ...

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    Posted on: September 1, 2013 - Journal articles

    Sociocultural determinants of anticipated vaccine acceptance for acute watery diarrhea in early childhood in Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo

    Article published in The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene on 1-Sep-2013 by Merten, S. et al. ABSTRACT: Rotavirus and oral cholera vaccines have the potential to reduce diarrhea-related child mortality in low-income settings and are ...

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    Posted on: August 13, 2013 - Journal articles

    Risk map of cholera infection for vaccine deployment: The eastern Kolkata case

    Article published in PLoS One on 13-Aug-2013 by You, Y. A. et al. BACKGROUND: Despite advancement of our knowledge, cholera remains a public health concern. During March-April 2010, a large cholera outbreak afflicted the eastern part of Kolkata, India. ...

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    Posted on: April 1, 2013 - Journal articles

    Herd protection by a bivalent killed whole-cell oral cholera vaccine in the slums of Kolkata, India

    Article published in Clinical Infectious Diseases on 01-Apr-2013 by Ali, M. et al. BACKGROUND: We evaluated the herd protection conferred by an oral cholera vaccine using 2 approaches: cluster design and geographic information system (GIS) design. METHODS ...

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    Posted on: March 19, 2013 - Journal articles

    Knowledge of, attitudes toward, and preventive practices relating to cholera and oral cholera vaccine among urban high-risk groups: Findings of a cross-sectional study in Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Article published in BMC Public Health on 19-Mar-2013 by Wahed, T. et al. BACKGROUND: In endemic countries such as Bangladesh, consequences of cholera place an enormous financial and social burden on patients and their families. Cholera vaccines not only ...

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    Posted on: November 8, 2012 - Journal articles

    Urban Cholera Transmission Hotspots and Their Implications for Reactive Vaccination: Evidence from Bissau City, Guinea Bissau

    Article published in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases on 8-Nov-2012 by Azman, A. S. et al. BACKGROUND: Use of cholera vaccines in response to epidemics (reactive vaccination) may provide an effective supplement to traditional control measures. In Haiti, ...

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    Posted on: August 16, 2012 - Journal articles

    Social and cultural determinants of oral cholera vaccine uptake in Zanzibar

    Article published in Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics on 16-Aug-2012 by Schaetti, C. et al. ABSTRACT: Effectiveness of mass cholera vaccination campaigns requires not only technical and financial capacity but also consideration of social and cultural ...

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    Posted on: June 2, 2012 - Journal articles

    Oral cholera vaccine and integrated cholera control in Haiti

    Comment published in The Lancet on 2-Jun-2012 by Ivers, L. C. et al. INTRODUCTION: On April 14, 2012, some 18 months after the first cases of cholera were documented in Haiti, a group of Haitians were offered the first of two doses of oral cholera vaccine ...

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    Posted on: September 1, 2011 - Journal articles

    Potential impact of reactive vaccination in controlling cholera outbreaks: An exploratory analysis using a Zimbabwean experience

    Article published by South African Medical Journal in September-2011 by Kim S. et al. ABSTRACT Background. To contain ongoing cholera outbreaks, the World Health Organization has suggested that reactive vaccination should be considered in addition to its ...