Cholera vaccination campaign contributes to improved knowledge regarding cholera and improved practice relevant to waterborne disease in rural Haiti

Article published in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases on 21-Nov-2013 by Aibana, O. et al.



Haiti's cholera epidemic has been devastating partly due to underlying weak infrastructure and limited clean water and sanitation. A comprehensive approach to cholera control is crucial, yet some have argued that oral cholera vaccination (OCV) might result in reduced hygiene practice among recipients. We evaluated the impact of an OCV campaign on knowledge and health practice in rural Haiti.

The Coalition for Cholera Prevention and Control (CCPC)s Comprehensive Integrated Strategy for Cholera Prevention and Control

Authored by The Coalition for Cholera Prevention and Control (CCPC), this Strategic Framework summarizes existing recommendations and guidelines for preventing and controlling cholera, identifies outdated recommendations and gaps, and recommends new guidelines as suggested by existing research (or identifying areas for further research).