The Coalition for Cholera Prevention and Control (CCPC)s Comprehensive Integrated Strategy for Cholera Prevention and Control

Authored by The Coalition for Cholera Prevention and Control (CCPC), this Strategic Framework summarizes existing recommendations and guidelines for preventing and controlling cholera, identifies outdated recommendations and gaps, and recommends new guidelines as suggested by existing research (or identifying areas for further research).

Effectiveness of an oral cholera vaccine in Zanzibar: Findings from a mass vaccination campaign and observational cohort study

Article published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases on 4-Sep-2012 by Khatib, A. M. et al.

BACKGROUND: Zanzibar, in east Africa, has been severely and repeatedly affected by cholera since 1978. We assessed the effectiveness of oral cholera vaccination in high-risk populations in the archipelago to estimate the indirect (herd) protection conferred by the vaccine and direct vaccine effectiveness.