Cholera Basics

Global Burden of Cholera in Endemic Countries (PDF - 2 pages) 

This fact sheet provides a revised estimate of the cholera disease burden based on recent data using newer estimation methods.

How much does cholera cost (PDF - 2 pages) 

This brief fact sheet describes the multiple economic tolls of cholera infection. Clearly, cholera is an expensive disease for many countries, and there are many economic advantages to investing in its control.

Glossary of Terms for Cholera and Cholera Vaccine Programs (PDF - 17 pages) 

This glossary is suggested as a guide to commonly used terms for cholera and cholera vaccine programs. The glossary will help to clarify the meaning of certain terms, and in the process assist in developing improved strategies for cholera control. An annex accompanies this glossary and expands the understanding and concepts of many of these terms.

Cholera Surveillance: Detecting and Reporting Cases (PDF - 10 pages) 

This document discusses when, where and why surveillance for cholera is needed and considerations for establishing a useful and cost-effective surveillance system for cholera. 

Manual for Detecting Vibrio Cholera (PDF - 9 pages)

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for detecting Vibrio cholera 01 from fecal samples using a modified dipstick assay, a low-cost simplified method of confirming cholera. 

Self-Assessment Tool for Health Facilities (PDF - 20 pages)

This document is intended as a self-assessment guide to determine if preparations are adequate for a facility and community to manage a cholera outbreak. It includes questionnaires to assess community knowledge, health facility capacity, health care provider capacity and regional and district resources. It also includes a rapid facility assessment tool. 

Essential Cholera Links

The World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Cholera Platform, Global Task Force on Cholera Control among others have a wealth of information on cholera available on their websites. The links highlight some of the most important cholera documents by these groups.