Guidance for Application to the OCV Stockpile

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Country stakeholders that are preparing to request oral cholera vaccinations from the global stockpile should use the resources in this section. The International Coordinating Group (ICG) has managed the global stockpile since 2013 with the purpose of ensuring the timely and targeted deployment of vaccine as part of an effective outbreak response. Requests can be made for both emergency and non-emergency situations by submitting an application form to the ICG Secretariat.

Guidance on how to Access OCV from the ICG Emergency Stockpile (PDF)

This guidance document describes the decision-making process of the ICG when reviewing applications to the stockpile for OCV.

Application Form to Request Emergency OCV from the ICG (PDF)

This is the application form that should be submitted to the ICG in order to apply for emergency OCV.

Declaration of Intent Form to Request Non-Emergency OCV from the ICG (PDF)

This intent form is considered to be an initial step in the process of obtaining OCV in non-emergency situations.