Oral Cholera Vaccine


Oral Cholera Vaccine: What You Need to Know (PDF - 3 pages)

This fact sheet covers the basic aspects of the currently available oral cholera vaccines, summarizing recommendations and comparing across vaccines. 

Comparison of Currently Manufactured Oral Cholera Vaccines (PDF - 1 page)  

A table comparing the different specifications of the five oral cholera vaccines currently available.

Integration of Oral Cholera Vaccine with Other Interventions (PDF - 2 pages) 

This fact sheet outlines the need for integrating water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) activities and other traditional cholera control interventions with oral cholera vaccination programs to improve the impact of both. 

Oral Cholera Vaccine Safety (PDF - 2 pages) 

This two-page fact sheet discusses the overall safety of oral cholera vaccine, briefly touching on vaccine safety in specific populations including pregnant women and children. 

Cholera and the Use of OCV in Pregnant Women (PDF - 3 pages) 

This document addresses the risks and benefits of cholera and the use of oral cholera vaccine in pregnant women. 

Considerations Concerning the Ethical Use of OCV (PDF - 2 pages) 

This document identifies the ethical concerns associated with oral cholera vaccine and provides guidance on some ethical issues that may arise when considering the use of oral cholera vaccine. 

An Introductory Lecture on Oral Cholera Vaccine by Dr. David Sack (Video)



Vaccine Product Inserts

Dukoral Product Insert: A copy of the indications for use of Dukoral, a currently available OCV.

Shanchol Product Insert: A copy of the indications for use of Shanchol, a currently available OCV.

Euvichol Plus Product Insert: A copy of the indications for use of Euvichol Plus, a currently available OCV.